A Selection Battery for Human Resource Manager Occupation Discussion

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In your role as an I/O consultant, you’ve created a job analysis and performance appraisal for a chosen occupation. Now, you will develop a relevant selection battery for that same occupation.

Select at least three measures that would serve as performance predictors in selection decisions for this job. Include a short description of each measure, including the type of questions, length, expected time to complete, and other relevant information. Cite information about the validity and reliability of the measures. Include a copy of the measure, if available.

Justify your choices by describing why these particular assessment tools would be effective in predicting performance on the job.

Include information on the following essential features in your selection battery:

  • Relationship of the performance predictors to aspects of the job analysis
  • Extent to which the different measures correlate with each other (i.e., do they have unique predictive value?)
  • Predictive validity

Discuss which employee selection approach(es) (multiple cutoffs, multiple hurdle, and/or multiple regression) you would recommend in the selection process for this job. Justify your answer highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the approach.




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