ACT College Arlington Module 2 Plasma Membrane Discussion

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Discussion questions are presented in each of the learning modules. Students can typically choose one question from a minimum of two in each Discussion section to discuss in detail (see rubric). Class discussions provide a setting to corroborate or clarify course material. Inthe initial answer to the question, the student must support theirinformation with an appropriate URL (one source minimum) to documenttheir answer by providing additional resources to the class discussion.


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Please type in the Subject line the question number and your topic (so that others won’t duplicate your topic). This will make it easier for other students not to repeat posts. Once an example has been used for a question it cannot be repeated.You will earn zero (0) points if you submitted a repeated topic.

Please review the Rubric in the Syllabus to check that you’ve met the requirements. Use spell check and grammar check before posting.

Question 1:

Imagine that I am a cell in a young adult’s body ‘shopping’ for an organelle. You need to convince me that I need you. How can you sell me on your ‘skills’? What can you ‘offer’ me? Does it help my host in some way, such as giving him/her energy or getting rid of a specific type of waste? (Once an organelle has been used, it cannot be duplicated for points.)

Question 2:

You arethe plasma membrane of a cell. A molecule is trying to cross your lipidbilayer. Tell me what the molecule is and describe how it crosses yourcell membrane. Does it use facilitated diffusion, vesicles,phagocytosis? Do you ‘help’ it or ignore it by letting it diffuseacross? (Once a molecule has been used, it cannot be duplicated forpoints.)

Cannot use Golgi Body. this has already been used.




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