Anne Arundel Community College Culturally Competence Nursing Care Paper

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Cultural differences graphicDescribe two cultural differences that you may have encountered in your nursing practice. Where did you obtain the information that allowed you to provide culturally competent nursing care for your patient?

Please be sure to support your discussion with a scholarly source. Please also respond to at least two peers this week to achieve full participation points.

This activity aligns with:

Course Outcome

AACN BSN Essential

1. Apply the nursing process and evidence-based practice to accurately assess family and community health systems across the lifespan.??

Essential VII.5: Use evidence-based practices to guide health teaching, health counseling, screening, outreach, disease and outbreak investigation, referral, and follow-up throughout the lifespan.

Essential VIII.9: Recognize the impact of attitudes, values, and expectations on the care of the very young, frail older adults, and other vulnerable populations.

Essential IX.2: Recognize the relationship of genetics and genomics to health, prevention, screening, diagnostics, prognostics, selection of treatment, and monitoring of treatment effectiveness, using a constructed pedigree from collected family history information as well as standardized symbols and terminology.

Essential IX.11: Provide nursing care based on evidence that contributes to safe and high-quality patient outcomes within healthcare microsystems.




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