BIO 201L Straightline University The Muscular System Tendons and Ligaments Lab Report

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Your response to every question should be written entirely in your own words. The entire purpose of the lab worksheets is to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts presented in each lab activity. Copying-and-pasting or changing only a word or two from a sentence in your textbook or an internet source does not serve this purpose as it is not considered writing in your own words.

Here are some ways to avoid inadvertently plagiarizing your responses:

  • Be sure you fully understand the question that is being asked.
  • If you do not know how to answer, read through your source materials until you have a solid grasp of how to respond.
  • Close out of your source materials and wait at least one hour before drafting your response.
  • Do not refer to your sources as you write your response. This will help ensure that your answer reflects your own original voice and style.

2) Use complete sentences

Proper grammar and sentence structure isn’t only for English courses. Please remember that this lab is a college-level course, so your answers to the lab worksheet questions should be written in complete sentences.

3) Put your name in the background of every picture you take

Almost every lab worksheet you complete will require you to insert a photo of your dissection or experiment, so please plan ahead and write your name on a piece of paper before starting. Seeing your name in the background of your photo allows our graders to verify that you’re actually completing the required lab experiments. Failure to adequately demonstrate that you’ve completed these experiments yourself will prevent you from successfully completing this course.




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