BL 480 Negotiation Negotiable Instruments Discussion

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Please answer according to the requirements and PPT

1. UCC Revised Article 3 covers negotiable instruments within the US. What problems hinder any efforts to establish uniform international rules for negotiable instruments? What additional variables do you see in trying to establish a uniform international set of rules for negotiable instruments compared to doing so solely within the United States? about 100 words

2. cash to paper to what? Like the folk song from the 1960’s, “The times they are a changin’.” UCC revised Article 3 and the law of negotiable instruments were designed to create a substitute for cash and to facilitate commerce. Has the importance of negotiable instruments in commerce increased or decreased in recent years? How will increased online commerce affect the importance of negotiable instruments? about 100 words

NOTE: please then responding to the postings of three classmates ?need 40 words of each classmate ?




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