BUS 443 Ashford University Baldridge Award Discussion

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Discuss the purpose of the Baldridge Award.

    • Describe the Baldridge Award process. How does it ensure that organizations are truly worthy of receiving the award?
  • Explain the Baldridge core values and concepts.
    • What are the five groups of results measures in the Malcom Baldridge Criteria? Provide two examples of measurements and indicators in each group. Why do you think they are important for any organization to pursue?
  • Please choose two of the Baldridge core values, and apply them to an organization of your choice.
    • How do these two values impact the organization and increase performance?
  • Regarding the Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence, on which a Baldridge examination is based, please provide a brief description of each of the seven categories, and explain how they all come together and form an integrated management system.
  • Discussion should be a minimum of 150 words




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