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Use the project File that you created for the Project Planning Assignment. We will continue the work on your first project. Please update any issues noted in the review of the assignment.

This is taking the file to add adding the expanding on the resources.

Below is an example of data that should be added to your plan. You will need to:

1. Define at least five resources for your project. Assign them to a task. On at least five of the task, you need to have more than one resource assigned to that task

2. Define an hourly wage for each person.

3. Assign a percent of work for each person on the team (0 to 100%)

4. Develop, modify your timeline, to remove any over-allocation issues of your resources.

This is an example of data that you will develop: This data does not go into your plan.

There are several departments available to support the project. It is not important at this point which individual people will be scheduled, just that you enter the generic resource name into your resource sheet into your project planning tool software application. Their (fictional) hourly rates are provided below:

resource Name


Standard rate (per hour)

Time to spend on the project



$ 40

100 %



$ 50

100 %



$ 70

100 %



$ 70

100 %

Assume that the only costs for this project are those for these human resources.




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