California San Diego Construction Management and Safety Discussion

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Read the story “Denial is Not A River in Egypt”

Write a 1 page Discussion (about 500 words).

On Monday Feb 1 we will briefly discuss it in class. No late submissions will be accepted.

  • What are some management lessons we can find in this story?
  • Consider the problems that led to this failure, the response of the project participants, the actions they took.
  • Identify and discuss two to five issues that you find interesting or important.

The reading assignments /discussions require critical thinking. You need to critique and comment on the story – Do not simply repeat the story. The focus is on discussing what you see as the important issues in depth. For example,

  • Explain the situation. Why it happened? What caused it? (think root causes). What were the reasons for the “problem” (if there was a problem), how could it be avoided?
  • Do not simply repeat the actions/behaviors / responses of the participants. Try to explain them (What drove them? What are the reasons for these actions/ reactions/ events?) and comment on them (e.g. are they expected / unexpected? What is surprising? Why so?)
  • Was there a solution? What are the important elements of the solution? Why was this solution se;lected? What made it effective / ineffective? Do you see other solutions? What were any implementation difficulties?
  • Finally, try to generalize- What can we learn form this?
    • What construction engr/ mgt challenges does the situation illustrate? Are these challenges rare or frequent?
    • What management strategies does the story highlight? Do you consider these strategies feasible? What are some difficulties implementing these strategies?




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