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Movie Clip

You just viewed a scene from the film “Mosquito Coast” starring Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford’s character has moved his family from a small mid-western town in the United States to a fictional country in Africa. Ford and his family give up the comforts of the American lifestyle and build an agricultural community with indigenous people. His son, however, does not share the same vision of a simple lifestyle that Ford envisions.

In this particular scene, Ford, his sons and tribe members are on a hike through the mountains.

  • Relate the comments made by the son, “where are we going to sleep”; to Ford’s comment, “at the Holiday Inn” in relation to the texts definition of culture.…

Deaf Culture

  • Relate what the text says about communication being interpretive (the “What is Communication?” chapter) to the Deaf Culture. Why is communication more likely to be more accurate between a member of the Deaf Culture and another member of the Deaf Culture; as opposed to an individual of the Deaf Culture and a hearing person—assuming the hearing person has studied sign language?Interesting Fact & Idea Culture as lens& or films? Media researcher John Fiske has written about Australian Aborigines and their reactions to U.S. media products like westerns. He points out that the Aborigines often root for the Native Americans so often portrayed as bad guys in the movie because the Native Americans look and act more like they do.
    • In what ways does your Culture Identity reinterpret the films you have seen? Explain




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