Community College Engineering Code of Ethics Obligations Case Study

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I’m working on a engineering case study and need a sample draft to help me study.

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1. For the write-up, you must respond to both Case 1 AND Case 2.

2. For each case, submit a one-pagewrite-up of your thoughts on the appropriate case study. Your write-up needs to be between 200-300 words (no more or less please). a. Your presentation and write-up should contain the following: b. Demonstrate an understanding of Chapter 4 & Chapter 5 principles. c. A quick review of pertinent details of the case. d. Discuss your thoughts based on the “Schools of Thought on Social Responsibility” (from the class presentation, not in the book) e. From each of the following topics, discuss at least 1 relevant factor to support your argument (From Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering 5th Edition, pages 127-131. Also in the class lecture.): i. Fundamental Canon ii. Rule of Practice iii. Professional Obligation




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