CSCI 2541 CSCC Drawing Runner at Different Positions in The Canvas Lab Discussion

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questions 1 through 5. Supply the index and javascript file for each problem. Questions 1 through 4 use the same .css file. But in problem 5 you need to create a .css file. Use the following name conventions:

lab1-1.html, lab1-1.js

lab1-2.html, lab1-2.js

lab1-3.html, lab1-3.js

lab1-4.html, lab1-4.js

lab1-5.html, lab1-5.js, lab1-5.css

Also include a word document entitled lab1-discussions.docx or .txt which will contain any observations/discussions

1. Use a different image for the background. I already completed question 1 need help with other questions

2. Draw the runner at different locations in the canvas.

3. Draw the background at different locations in the canvas.

4. In the draw() function, draw the runner first and then the background.

5. Remove the width and height attributes from the snailbait-game-canvas element in index.html and add width and height properties—with the same values of 800px and 400px, respectively—to the snailbait-game-canvas element in the CSS file. When you restart the game, does it look the same as before? Can you explain the result?




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