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1. find at least 5 security people to follow aside from those I alreadyshowed you (though you should follow them too). You can use Google to search for some of thesepeople you choose to follow. You should pick people who seem to mostly tweet actual securitystuff rather than other things. For each of these people, post a link to a tweet that is particularlyinteresting, and summarize it in about two sentences each, using ”Solution1A:”, ”Solution1B:” etcfor each. Do not just cut and paste, and do not just take the first line or two of the main contentof the tweet. Actually, summarize it for yourself. For example:

Solution1A: Link:…Shows how ServiceNow (cloud-based company offering IT services management)exposed information it should not. In its Knowledge Management application, oncean entry is created with endpoint of form KB00xxxx, they are publicly reachable andbut should not be, leaking passwords, corporate domain tokens, and PersonallyIdentifiable Information (PII) between employees.

remembering that ALL of the above line is a single line (no carriage returns except after the finalword employees.. And please remember, ”summarize”. Do not just cut and paste. I’m not lookingat you reading deeply every detail of a post, but you should get a feel for what is going on and beable to write a couple sentences on it. And don’t take tweets that don’t link to more importantcontent. A quick tweet saying there was a recent attack on such-and-such company without greatdetail isn’t very useful. Find tweets that point to something of significance.

2. Find at least five security blogs (again, you can use Google to find good ones) to follow, aside fromthose I have showed you already. For each, using ”Solution2A:”, ”Solution2B:” etc., find a post andsummarize it much like you did in question 1.




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