De Anza College Painting Houses In Motion Designs

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Objective: 1) To use key elements and principles of design in conjunction with black

acrylic paint in order to activate two-dimensional space,

2) To experiment with movement and proportion and give the illusion of time passage,

3) To define for yourself the connections between images and cultural values, i.e.,

What is the social/political meaning of a house as a place for shelter and ownership?

?? – To begin your creative process I would like you to think about the houses we live in especially during this pandemic. Some people in this country live in mansions while others live on the street or under freeways in structures of cardboard. I am asking you to think about what this means for the richest nation on earth to have people living in the open.

?? – You will be using space, line and form from the elements of design. And from the principles of design you will be using movement, balance and scale.


I would like you to create a house with a door, window and roof. Remember that you are an artist. Think of our moment and all the houses you see from mega-mansions to street tents and all those in-between. What are you saying about possessing a house/home? How do you want your viewer to respond?

Now I would like you to take your concept of that “house” and construct it in four frames like that of a piece of celluloid film. You will be bringing in from the frame’s edges (moving) all your components in order to build your house in your final frame.

?? You can work with Ipad




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