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You have proposed and described a school-parent/family/community partnership, outlined the partnership’s components, and created a timeline of tasks and individuals responsible.

In the Module 4 Application assignment, you will develop a presentation useful for creating interest for an on-going partnership among potential stakeholders.

  • Create a presentation to present your partnership to potential stakeholders. You may use PowerPoint, an online presenter tool, or another multimedia presentation tool.
  • Complete the assignment by following the steps. Refer to the Learning Objects for assistance.
  • Follow the directions to submit the final presentation or link.
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Step 1. Design
Design a presentation, including at least one section for each of the following (minimum 8 sections/slides):

  • Title of your proposed partnership, your name, course number and course name, date
  • Data-Evidenced Student Need
  • Vision for Partnership & Community Participation
  • Proposed Activities/Strategies
  • Proposed Process for Planning and Implementation
  • Impact on Student Achievement
  • Proposed Evaluation Process & Summary
  • References




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