EMR Health Information Technology Aging Population & Mobility Discussion

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To complete this assignment, you will need to have reviewed the class lecture on drivers of

Health Information Technology. You will also need to do some research on meaningful use. Be

sure to cite your references properly.

While you certainly may read the final rules as published in the Federal Register, there are easier

ways to find the material needed to complete this assignment. (Google is your friend.)

Assignment Instructions

The discussion of drivers of HIT brought out that the HITECH act provided incentives to install

electronic medical records. Not discussed was the concept of meaningful use.

1. Briefly describe the concept of meaningful use as it relates to the incentives of the HITECH

act. (Doing an adequate job will take at least a couple of long paragraphs.)

2. Summarize the most important specific measurements were required for the first two

stages of meaningful use.

3. Describe the process and most important measurements for Stage Three Meaningful use.

Caution: be sure you refer to material that is “current” as of 2017. “Current” does not

necessarily mean “published in 2017 or later”; it means “not outdated as of 2017”: no

new material(s) superseded the material you refer to.




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