FIO Understanding the Lives and Literacies of Black Youth Article Questions

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Please read and post one page of notes on “When School is Not Enough” (Kinloch, Burkhardt, and Penn). As always, you can type and upload a Word Doc file of your notes, or you can submit a picture of handwritten notes. You will be graded on completion.

1. You should ALWAYS take notes as thought there is going to be an in-class quiz the very next class (you can even use those notes when there is!).

2. Note taking is a strategy that should help you analyze and synthesize information in order to easily recall what you have learned. AS SUCH: Notes that copy and paste information from the text are useless AND are considered plagiarism (which will earn you, at best, a zero on the assignment and at worst–should you repeat offend–a report to the Dean of students for plagiarism.




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