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Labor Relations (Respond with 200 words) (ADAM

Florida labor laws affect a lot fo people in the workplace environment. One Florida labor law that affected me at my past job of working as a camp counselor came into place. Florida has a set minimum wage of what the employer has to pay their employess when working for them. Since I was young and working on a set contract for the whole summer and not by an anual contract the stipulations were a bit different. By boss was allowed to offer us less than minimum wage on our contracts because tips were assumed to be at the end of the summer. This was allowed because it ended up being more than the minimum wage of Florida after tips. This applies to being a waiter as well because tips are assumed. also, another Florida labor law that I am involved in currently is the use of independent contractors. I work for a residential community that used my old boss as an independent contractor to hire workers such as myself to work for them during Covid. Since I still get paid from my old boss and not the community itself my old boss is considered an independent contractor. He is considered an independent contractor under Florida laws because he still pays use and the commuity pays him a little more than what he pays me for lending employees to them for the time being. Fla. Stat. § 440.02(15)(d)1a. This law affects me personally because if my old boss does not pay me I don’t get paid which is why I get on the community to pay him ahead of time.

Marketing Respond with 100 words DAVID

What is culture? it is important to have a good understanding on exactly what this is, as this sways the marketing approach. “culture is a way of life pertaining to a group of people which is made up of the behaviors, beliefs, and values that they accept” (Hofstede, 1997). For example, marketing in the American culture will differ greatly from a market strategy in Singapore, because the beliefs and values differ so greatly. What may be acceptable here in the states, may not be accepted overseas and may even result in capital punishment in some instances. You also need to consider that cultures have their customs and taboos which can alter how you market your product or service. For example, in Japan, the number four is considered unlucky, and products packages containing four items are avoided by many consumers so a marketing strategy for Japan would be to have sets of 3 or 6. This can best be handled by applying the phrase “measure twice, cut once”.

A marketer should follow that as a guideline when looking at marketing to other cultures, as you need to know everything about the culture before rolling out the product or service. Another key reason for marketers to understand the cultural environment beforehand is so they can gain an understanding on what the people of that culture truly need and want. “cultural differences between different countries–or between different regions in the same country–seem small, marketers who ignore them risk failure in implementing their programs” (Lumen Learning, 2019).

I feel that it is very important to do your research on the culture itself more so than the product at first, as the culture will determine your product and make or break it. I also feel that marketers need to dig further into one’s culture by analyzing different regions of the country as “Lumen Learning” stated, in order to get an even better idea of what the demographics are as they can shift greatly. For example, here in Florida, we have beaches, so we have many services and products being marketed to us for that purpose in mind. Now, let’s look at the same products or service being offered in Florida and now apply this to Tennessee. Tennessee is not all too far from us, but the demographics and geographic features differ greatly. They don’t have any beaches, so marketing the things for the beach in Florida to the people of Tennessee would be a money losing prospect.


Why should marketers pay close attention to the cultural environment?

Marketers should pay close attention to the culture envitonment because each country has their traditions, and cultire to adhere to. Marketeers should b pay attention of their entended target market area so that their company marketing actvities they produce do not create an impactthat can be seen as negatve. Marketers need to evaluate the opportunites that present themselves by carefully analyzing the culture environmeny so that the bleiefs and values , needs are indetified . Uf the company were to fail to identify and locate these cultural environment truths, They risk losing brand recognition and it will dificult to acquire it back. COuntries like singapre , turkey , India give a greater importanat on their values, belifs , traditions and culture. If they find a companys advertisment to be geared toward things that are found to be disrecspectful, it could greatly impact the company to further conclude business in that area and market. The marketing activities should be appropriately sensitive so it does not destory the reputation of the company as well.




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