FMS 110 University of California Toward a Disability Media Studies Questions

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Please READ ALL ATTACHED FILES AND respond to the following prompts in full sentences, using correct grammar and avoiding typos. I encourage you to make specific references to the original text and/or incorporate short, relevant quotes into your responses. There is no specific right answer to these prompts; they are designed to help you think critically and form your own ideas. Each response should be approximately 100 words.


1. Ellcessor et al. provide an overview of disability studies and the different ways scholars in the field think about disability. Briefly, how would summarize what disability studies is and what are some of the ways that approaches disability?

2. Ellcessor et al. argued that it is important to analyze the relationship between disability and media. What are some of the ways that the authors say that disability and media are related?

3. While it is important to represent people with disabilities in media, Ellcessor et al. argue that “the representation of disability is complicated.” According to the authors, what are some ways that the representation of disability might go wrong?

4. What is an example of a piece of media that you have seen (or heard, played, etc.) that either represents people with disabilities or is created for people with disabilities. How might your perspective on it shift given what you have reading in Ellcessor et al.’s article?[Place your response here]




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