FMS 150 University of California Reaganism Yuppie Youths and Cultural Resistance Paper

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I’m working on a film question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

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READ ALL ATTACHED FILES AND WATCH ALL SCREENINGS, Please engage at least one of this week’s authors (Jane Feuer and/or Herman Gray) and both of the week’s screenings, (Family Ties, “Citizen Keaton” and A Different World, “A World Alike”) to craft an organized and coherent 300-500 word response to the week’s material. You may choose to address anyone or multiple of the below prompts and/or pose your own questions, critiques, and assessments. Please address specific and relevant aesthetic/thematic/narrative details about the episode(s), though, and use direct quotes or substantive paraphrases of the readings. You may start with some summary but a synopsis should not comprise the bulk of your post.

  • How might these programs reinforce or challenge “yuppie” values, and what aligns them with or distinguishes them from the ideologies of 1950s postwar action-adventure serials?

WATCH BOTH Family Ties, “Citizen Keaton” and A Different World, “A World Alike” SCREENINGS IN: ‘…

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