Franklin Pierce College Endocrine Case Study

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for below 4 question answer them by using google and then provide the link at the end of each answer

  1. Based on the new lab values provided (part II) or any other lab result, are Jorge and Janique producing adequate insulin? How do you know? Provide what information or lab test(s) as part of your answer for each patient.
  2. List the general physiological action(s) of T3 and T4, from a reputable source (provide more detail than what was provided in lecture).
  3. Why do you think the doctor measured the blood values for T3 and T4? Your answer should be based on what you answer in the previous question.
  4. Research the type of diet each patient should follow and provide the information ?A table is a good idea to show the information.

For below questions no link needed

  1. Discuss how the case study helped you in understanding Insulin and diabetes.
  2. How did the case study help you in understanding hormone interactions?
  3. Was the design of the case study helpful in understanding an approach to diagnosing a disease?
  4. Is there any information that you think you needed to help you to better understand the case study?




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