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For the remainder of this course, you will work on an information security project. For this project, you will design, develop and implement a security awareness program (SAP). You will create this SAP for the fictional company Advanced Topologies, Inc., that you were introduced to in this unit’s Discussion. As mentioned in the Discussion, all that you need to know about the organization is in the Advanced Topologies case study in your textbook.

For this initial unit of your project, you will design the Advanced Topologies SAP. Follow the outline discussed in Chapter 3 of the NIST Special Publication 800-50 in this unit’s Learning Resources as you create your design. You should also start thinking about the relevant training and awareness materials needed for your program, although you will develop these materials later. The training and awareness materials can include presentations, conferences, seminars, courses, and e-mail advisories. Refer to Chapter 4 of NIST-SP800-50 for additional potential security awareness topics.

Submit a 4- to 6-page design, in APA format, for your security awareness program. Be sure to include the following in your design:

  • The NIST security awareness model you have chosen to use and an explanation of why you feel it is the best fit to distribute information for this organization
  • A needs assessment that includes any suggestions of training needs for all personnel at Advanced Topologies
  • The roles and responsibilities of all Advanced Topologies personnel including who should design, develop, implement, and maintain the training material
  • A prioritization list of the training materials by criticality. Include in this list the following:
    • At least a presentation, a poster, and an e-mail advisory; you will need to develop these three and others in the next unit
    • A summary of the target audience for each of the three highest priority training materials you list




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