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Read the article “You Can Grow Your Brain.” Then, address the following topics in your (informal) essay response.

NOTE: You should type your response in a separate word processor and save it. Then copy your response and paste into the answer box. This may help avoid losing your response due to technical issues.

  • Summarize the reasons that scientists think our ability to learn new and challenging material can grow and improve with effort and practice.
  • Think about an example from your own life, of something that you were not good at when you began doing it, but then, through practice and effective strategies, you became good at it. Explain the activity, and how you achieved proficiency.
  • Imagine a friend who is struggling in school. This friend used to do well in school, but is having a hard time and is starting to feel dumb. As a separate paragraph, write a letter to this friend to encourage him or her. Tell this friend what you just learned about the brain, and why they should not be discouraged. You may use evidence from the previous two prompts, and any other tips you have for learning in school and getting smarter.




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