Impacts of COVID 19 On Future of Foodways Paper

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Using what was discussed in the break-out rooms as a jumping off point, think about what changes have occurred during the pandemic and what those changes mean for the future of foodways. Will food production, distribution and consumption go back to pre-Covid-19 patterns? Or will farmers, processing plants, groceries, restaurants, consumers adopt some of the changes permanently? You can find many articles discussing consumer trends or offering advice for the food industry. Do a little research and then, using your personal experience and your research results, write an essay in which you make your personal food future predictions. Give reasons for your predictions. It is not enough to just say, “I think people will cook more at home than they did pre-pandemic.” You can cite your research, “According to (source), there was a 50% increase in online grocery shopping with x many respondents saying they will continue to shop online even after the pandemic subsides.” You must explain why you think that might be a future trend. Your essay should be proofread and use standard written English. Write a minimum of 500 words.




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