Interventions and Their Relationship to Employee Misbehavior Paper

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  • Review the discussion of the effect of antecedents, mediators, and interventions and their relationship to employee misbehavior. You will find Exhibit 8.2 in the Ivancevich et al. text helpful in this review. Then, review the biblical texts: Luke 6:27-49 and Galatians 5:1-26. Answer these questions: How does dealing with antecedents and using interventions reflect a biblical worldview in dealing with misbehavior? Can dealing with antecedents and using interventions be more effective than administering punishment after misbehavior occurs? Support your answers with biblical and scholarly sources.
  • Requirements: Minimum of 750 words; 2 peer-reviewed or trade journal sources, in addition to your text; APA-compliant

****See attched copy of the class textbook as well.




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