Larkin School of Nursing Global Impact of Asthma in Adult Populations Analysis

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I want to use Asthma.

  1. Analyze the health care expenditures associated with the care of a defined population aggregate (such as diabetes, asthma, congestive heart failure, or other acute or chronic disease listed from Healthy People 2020) within the organization.
  2. Based on that analysis, review the literature to identify a best practice (program or services) relevant to the care and disease management for the population aggregate. A business plan will be developed later in the course, for which this budget could be used.

As a part of a business plan for a program, or services provided, you will need to develop a detailed budget. The program/service may or may not have associated revenue. This budget will become a part of the business plan due later in the course. Under the Modules tab of the course, in the Course Materials folder, you will find a MS Excel Budget Worksheet with general categories for development of a budget. You may also download the Excel from the link below.

You may use an existing project you are already working on, OR propose a future project.

The assignment is to fill in the details under each general category along with a budget for each category over 12 months. You will also have to enter various formulas into the spreadsheet to total monthly amounts and for the annual budget required for the project. Working with Excel is an essential part of nurse executive leadership skills. Be sure to view the tutorials listed in this week’s Multi Media area of the course to help you navigate and use formulas appropriately for the assignment. Referring to Finkler, Kovner and Jones and the readings this week, will assist you in thinking of specific budget line items to include. Keep in mind your project budget will have its own unique budget line items. Work with your preceptor to help ensure you have included all potential expenses (and revenue estimates if appropriate).

Select the “RevExp” worksheet, or the “Prog” worksheet found at the very bottom left of the spreadsheet. The “RevExp” worksheet is to budget revenue and expenses associated with your project. The second worksheet, “Prog” worksheet, is for a program, or project/service without any revenue associated with the project. For example, a proposal for new cardiac rehab services would have revenue associated with that service. A staff education program would not have revenue associated with it; subsequently the second worksheet would be used (the “Prog” worksheet). The goal of the budget assignment is to determine how much your project will cost for one year of operations (and how much the proposed services are projected to make/cost over one year) and incorporate this information into a business plan (due later in the course).

*Keep in mind that while not all project budgets produce revenue, they can produce savings in terms of better patient care, and improved health outcomes resulting in better reimbursements. These projected savings would be important to report.




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