Los Angeles Valley College The Electoral College Voting Discussion

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This is the instructions that my professor has given us:

Each student should complete all parts of this assignment independently. Each student will be graded on the quality of their contributions to the website reviews and group discussion.

Please be respectful of each other’s views and opinions. Do not expect that you will all agree on all of the issues presented here. Your goal should be to express your views and back them up with information from the readings…not to attack your classmates’ views. If you do disagree with a classmate, that is fine. But please be respectful in your responses.

Read the following article and answer the question below:


In your opinion, is the electoral college democratic? Would you keep the system in place or abolish it altogether?

Part 2

Respond to 1 of your group members’ answers for Part 1. You should post your responses in this discussion forum (not by private message). Your responses should include what you agree or disagree with and why. Use citations in your responses.

Alert me that you have completed answering the question so that I can send you one of the group members answers

Thank you and good luck!




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