Los Angeles Valley College What We Save and Reader Response Criticism

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For discussion responses, all students must first read Reader Response Criticism on pages 169-204 ofCritical Theory Today by Lois Tyson (Links to an external site.) and “What We Save” by Julie Orringer. (Links to an external site.) Next, please respond to the two (2) posted questions below. **Students are to respond with at least eight (8) complete sentences for EACH response, and must answer BOTH posted questions to be considered for full credit.In addition, please number your responses to showcase clear connection to the two posted questions. Dig deeply within the texts (no outside sources are to be used to respond – just use the short story and the theory to make connections and to support your ideas) and read thoughtfully – I want to see how everyone connects their responses to the theory that corresponds with “What We Save.”

  1. As stated within Critical Theory Today, “transactional reader-response theory analyzes the transaction between text and reader” (173), and “in order for this transaction between text and reader to occur, our approach to the text must be aesthetic (experiencing a personal relationship to the text that focuses attention on emotional subtleties of its language and encourages readers to make judgments)” (173). What was the significance of Helena watching Brian as he opened the small velvet box, and what impact was felt, to you, as the reader, when Helena herself found out what the contents inside were?
  2. Think of Helena’s experiences with the men in her life (her father, the Sewald boys, Brian). What did her interactions with these male characters (or lack thereof) make you feel like?




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