Louisiana State University Present Tense Lidded Pitcher Peer Review

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use this form to do peer review on classmates.

Peer Review Questions

1. The description uses correct terminology and effectively explain the terminology to a non-technical audience. If it does not, point to places where the writer needs to explain terms.

2. The introduction orients the audience by providing a one-sentence definition of the object. It previews the object’s various parts, discusses the object’s uses and functions. It also previews the content of the description. The conclusion re-states the major use(s) and function(s) of the object to solicit the audience’s support or awareness. If the draft fails in either area, write a response on where it fails and suggestions for how the writer may revise.

3. The body of the document describes each part of the object in detail, including its dimensions, materials, principle(s) of operation, function, and relation to other parts. It uses the present tense. It explains new concepts or terminology for a non-technical audience. If there are any errors, point to those errors and make suggestions on how the writer may revise.

4. Effective use of the design principles (contrast, alignment, proximity, and repetition. Design features, such as fonts, font sizes, and forms of emphasis are applied consistently. The overall design is clear and consistent. If there are any errors, make suggestions on how to fix.

5. There are at least two illustrations. The illustrations are effective, each serving a functional purpose (meaning, it helps the reader better comprehend the task at hand). It is not merely used for decorative purpose. The illustrations are appropriately documented, displayed, and labeled. If there are errors, make suggestions on how to fix.

6. Present tense is used throughout. Headings are in parallel form. Numbered/bulleted items, if used, are in parallel form. Paragraphs are unified— each paragraph has a single focus, begins with a topic sentence, and develops around a single idea. If there are errors, point to those, and make suggestions on how to revise.

7. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct. Minimum word requirement is met. If there are errors, point those out to your peer.

8. Rate how well the paper aligns with the assignment guidelines (minimal = does not meet assignment guidelines; medium = meets about 75% of the assignment guidelines; very high = meets 95% or above of the assignment guidelines)





Very high

9. Provide suggestions for meeting the assignment guidelines.

10. Write a final comment to your peer about two of the overall strengths and one overall weakness of the first draft.




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