Lynn University Boston Dynamics and Koch Disruptive Technologies Questions

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Using information from Canvas’ Foundations of Planning, Goal Setting, Vision, and SWOT unit, Multi-touch book (Chapter 5), news articles, company websites, digital library searches, Canvas, etc. analyze the company’s internal and external environments as it relates to its strengths & weaknesses (internal), and opportunities & threats (external).

undefinedSWOT documentundefined

Students choose how to complete the document.

  • download SWOT document, type responses directly into the Word document, save, upload, submit file
  • create an original SWOT document using subheadings and having each section be at least one paragraph. One paragraph minimum for each: S, W, O, and T.

A successful submission will Include APA (Links to an external site.) writing standards include citations and references. Turnitin is enabled and highlights uncited or unoriginal content. You may use this APA template paper to prepare your writing submission.




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