MAN 3504 SFCC Factory Focused Concept Discussion

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In Chapter 10, the text defines Focused Factory as a way to achieve economies of scale, without extensive investments in facilities and capacity, by focusing on a narrow range of goods or services, target market segments, and/or dedicated processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

1. Research a company that has successfully implemented the focused factory concept.

2. Discuss your example and explain the manufacturing processes and resources involved.

3. Identify the specific benefits of Focused Factory at your company.

4. Include food for thought and teach us something new and interesting about your company or industry.

*Keep in mind, our goal is to develop a hunger for learning. It’s much more attainable if we focus on subjects that interest us. So choose a company that interests you and have fun with the discussions. nd share your information accordingly.

Initial post (1)

    • Due Wednesday, 9 pm Florida time (2/3)
    • Minimum: 150 words
    • 2 outside resources (textbook may be used as 1 of your resources)
    • Include APA references at the bottom of your post
    • Use in-text citations as needed




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