Marymount University Anker Innovations Technology Company Analysis Paper

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1.One-page narrative summary for a firm that produces your product (portable chargers). Please ensure that the pertinent OM information about the firm is included, for example, formation dates, key developments, size of firm, locations, revenues, sales, expense, primary inputs, markets serviced, and what is special about that particular firm. The short summary should give me and your classmates an idea about the firm and its primary/secondary products and services.

2.For the same firm, find the firm’s Mission Statement and analyze if it meets the requirements that we have covered in the class

3.Define and determine if the firm is conducting Environmental Scanning. (Hint: Look at their Annual Report on their website.)

4.Define what Core Competencies are and what the Core Competencies are for the firm.

Part 2.

  1. Last week a painter painted two houses in three days. This week she painted three houses in four days. In which week was the painter more productive? Please show your work and any formulas utilized.
  2. A company that makes kitchen chairs wants to compare productivity at two of its facilities. At facility #1, six workers produced 220 chairs. At facility #2, four workers produced 140 chairs during the same time period. Which facility was more productive? Please show your work and any formulas utilized.
  3. Aztec Furnishings makes hand-crafted furniture for sale in its retail stores. The furniture maker has recently installed a new assembly process, including a new sander and polisher. With this new system, production has increased to 90 pieces of furniture per day from the previous 60 pieces of furniture per day. The number of defective items produced has dropped from 12 pieces per day to 5 per day. The production facility operates strictly eight hours per day. Evaluate the change in productivity for Aztec using the new assembly process. Please show your work and any formulas utilized.




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