MG 306 PU Business Communications Revenue Comparisons Worksheet

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Using visuals to present data requires a thoughtful assessment of what type of visual medium to use to convey a message. The visual medium often depends on the type of information being presented. This assignment will guide students in process of selecting an effective visual medium to present data and the creation of a business graphic.


  • Assess the power of business images, use the six principles of graphic design to ensure effective visuals, and to avoid ethical lapses when using visuals.
  • Compare the most common options for presenting data in a visual format.


For this assignment, students will develop a visual to communicate a business message of their choice. Students will select one visual creation resource from the list below to produce the visual. Follow the steps below to complete this creative assignment.

  1. Select a data set, concept, idea, or piece of information to present in a visual. Pay special attention to Table 9.1 and Table 9.2 in the textbook. Students may select any business or career-related topic to communicate. Use fact-based information. Examples include:
    1. A flow chart presenting a business concept
    2. A graph presenting the revenue of five companies
    3. An infographic displaying your employable skills
    4. A 1 Year Plan Illustration
  2. Select a visual creation resource provided below to create the visual.
    1. Canva (Links to an external site.)
    2. Visme (Links to an external site.)
    3. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
    4. Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides
  3. Download or take a screenshot of the visual. Place the visual in a Word document for submission. Important Note: All visuals must include your name and the date created directly on the visual for verification of authenticity. Visuals submitted without the student’s name and the creation date within the visual will not be accepted for a grade.

Click here to download visual examples.




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