MGT 672 SEU Decision Theory The Ethics of Global Drug Pricing Discussion

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The Ethics of Global Drug Pricing

Using the Six Steps of Decision-Making framework from this week’s content, please develop an essay responding to the following questions related to the case study The Ethics of Global Drug Pricing. (p. 113)

1. Recognize decision requirement: What are the ethical issues being discussed in the case concerning drug pricing?

2. Diagnosis and analysis of causes: Why are drug prices so high in the United States and what should be done?

3. Development of alternatives: What are other countries doing to fight high drug prices?

4. Selection of desired alternative: Decide on alternatives for the United States.

5. Implementation of alternatives: Which alternatives would be best to drive down drug prices in the United States?

6. Evaluation and feedback: Have your recommendations been implemented in other countries? Are they working? What has been the outcome?

Your well-written essay should meet the following requirements:

? Be 5 pages in length, which does not include the title page, abstract, or required reference page,

? Use APA style guidelines. include in-text citation, double spaced , 12 siza font

? Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.

in the attachment you will find the book which contain the case




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