MM 255 PGU Business Math & Statistical Measures Budget Analysis in The US Discussion

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Local governments in the U.S. have a profound impact on the daily lives of its residents as they provide many of the services that touch the lives of every person living in the area. A few examples include clean water to drink or sidewalks to walk a dog on in the morning. To provide those services, they have to create and maintain a budget.

Post 1: Initial Response

As a prominent business owner in your city, you have been chosen to be on the local city council. It is your duty to review the mayor’s proposed budget for the year and approve it. As a member of the council, you are tasked with listing three revenue sources and three expense items listed on the mayor’s budget so the council may consider them.

Use an internet search engine to find the most current year’s budget for your city government that you can find. Include the URL. State three revenue sources and their respective budgeted dollar amounts. Then state three expense items and their respective budgeted amounts. Calculate the percentage of the total revenue/expense for each of your chosen revenue/expense sources by calculating: item revenue/total revenue and item expense/total expenses. Using several sentences, discuss with your fellow council members what these six items are and why we need them.




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