MVCC India Country Population Discussion

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You are to post a 3-4 paragraph overview of the countr India. You will be using the country in future discussion

Where in the world is the country located? Include a map.

What is the population?

What are the main languages spoken within the country? What percentages?

What is the climate of the country?

Explain the ethnic mix within the country. What percentages? If any? it doesn’t just have to be these questions add your own facts that you think will match.

Start a new posting

Cite sources of information using guidelines for the postings, outlined in the syllabus. You may not use Wikipedia as a source.

Please be sure you provide your sources within the text, as well as at the end of the post.

Be sure that the sources are identified after each sentence or passage, even if the info all comes from the same source.

In other words, do not just list the sources at the end.




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