NCSNSM Clinical Pharmacology Questions

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Chapter 1

  1. Define and describe these four basic terms:
    1. drug
    2. pharmacology
    3. clinical pharmacology
    4. therapeutics
  2. Identify and describe the three most important properties of an ideal drug (and the 7 additional properties of an ideal drug).
  3. Describe what is meant by the therapeutic objective of drug therapy
  4. Identify and describe the three factors that determine the intensity of drug responses. (HINt: Don’t forget to also review fig 1.1)

Chapter 2 (pages 5-12)

  1. Describe the “Rights of Drug Administration” and the patient’s rights regarding medications administered by healthcare providers.
  2. Discuss the purpose and the goals of the “Pre-administration Assessment”
  3. Define baseline data and discuss the importance of gathering baseline data before administering a drug.
  4. Discuss how a nurse would identify high risk patients; and some of the factors that cause a patient to be considered “high risk”.
  5. Discuss how a nurse can strengthen the therapeutic effects of medication.
  6. Discuss how a nurse can play a role in minimizing the adverse effects of medication.
  7. Define PRN and describe how a nurse manages PRN medications.
  8. Describe the Nursing process and how it relates specifically to following aspects of medication administration:
    1. The pre-administration assessment
    2. Evaluating therapeutic and adverse effects
    3. How and why the nurse should be identifying high risk patients
    4. Assessing a patient’s ability to properly self administer medication
  9. In relation to medication administration, discuss the difference between a “contraindication” and a “precaution”.




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