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With the given requirements for Cinema Chain database, draw Entity Relationship Diagram.

The requirements for database design are given in the following:

Warner and his brothers operate a cinema chain (Warner and Brothers Movies). He wants to build a database to use for forecasting demand for both the movies he shows and the food he sells as well as to track other critical information for his business.

He tells you that he has several cinemas and each cinema has between 1 and 20 theaters. Each CINEMA has a location, a unique name and a phone number. Each THEATER of a cinema isnumbered (like 1, 2, 3, …) and the theaters vary in terms of seating style, type of sound equipment and seating capacity.

MOVIEs are shown throughout the day starting at 11 am and finishing at 1 am. Some movies will be shown in multiple theaters and over time may switch theatres that they show in. For instance, Star Wars may originally be shown in the 3 largest theatres in a cinema but after 3 months it may be showing in just one of the smaller theaters. Of course, each theater is also used for a variety of movies over time. Warner is interested in knowing how many people, classified by adults and children, attend each showing of a movie. A SHOWING would be a specific run of a specific movie, for instance, Mission Impossible II at 11 am on Saturday Oct 28th in theater 3 at WB Cinemas. To estimate approximate ticket sales each showing is given a price code that describes the cost of children and adult tickets. For instance, morning weekend prices are $10 for adults and $7.50 for children. Besides the name of each movie, the length of the movie, the type of recording (Dolby surround sound, Dolby DTS, subtitles, etc.), and the rating of the movie are recorded in the database. Warner also wants to record any awards the movie has won (e.g. Oscar for best picture, 1997, etc.).

Each cinema has a manager and several other EMPLOYEEs. Most employees are trained by another employee when they are hired. Warner needs to know the name, address, Social Security Number and phone number for all of his employees. He also wants to be certain he knows who is the manager of what cinema, who trained each employee, and at which cinema each employee works.
No employee works at more than one cinema and some employees do not work at a cinema at all (i.e. the IS department). All cinemas have one and only one manager.
In order to track FOOD RECEIPTs Warner has the manager at each cinema enter in the total receipts each cinema makes for beverages, popcorn and candy at the end of every day. (Their cash registers are not automated or linked to the database yet. Only one total food receipt in a day for a cinema is recorded in database, not every food receipt for each transaction.).

Your task is to create ER Diagram based on the above requirements.
Use software either Lucidchart or Visio to draw ERD.




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