NUR 385 Indiana Wesleyan University Spirituality in the Healthcare Setting Discussion

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Getting Started

A holistic view of health focuses on the interrelationship of all of the parts that make up a whole person. We are body, mind and spirit. When viewing health holistically, individual health practices and spirituality must be taken into account (Black, 2011). Spiritual considerations impact how an individual perceives his or her health and will influence their level of participation in the plan of care. Nursing professionals need to be prepared to identify a client’s spiritual beliefs in order to develop a successful individualized plan of care.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

  • Discuss spiritual considerations and their influence on a client’s health.
  • Discuss the impact of spiritual beliefs on nursing interventions.


  • Textbook: Physical Examination & Health Assessment
  • Media: Spiritual Considerations

Background Information

Spirituality plays a major role in how clients perceive and promote their health.? To develop a workable, effective plan of care, nurses not only identify spiritual beliefs but also analyze how they will likely impact the health of the client.? Development of interventions must take into account the client’s spiritual beliefs in order to facilitate the client’s individual goals.? In this discussion, you will explore the impact of spirituality on an individual client’s health by providing clinical examples of goals and interventions nurses can integrate that include the client’s spiritual values.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. In your textbook, Physical Examination & Health Assessment, review the “Religion and Spirituality” section of Chapter 2 (pp. 15-21) and “Cultural and Spiritual Assessment in the Elderly” (pp. 833-834).
  3. Access the media Spiritual Considerations to complete an interactive case study.
  4. Prepare to discuss the following prompts:
    1. What is your current method of assessment of spiritual needs in your patients? How do patients respond to the assessment?
    2. Using an example from your experience, with HIPAA standards in mind, discuss how you have seen spiritual considerations impact the health of a patient.
    3. Review a minimum of two scholarly sources regarding spiritual assessment and develop a list of 4 questions you can incorporate into your practice to assess spiritual influences on the health of your patient.




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