NUR 453 University of Kentucky The Use of Technology in Healthcare Discussion

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Write a 2 page double-spaced reflection on informatics in healthcare. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology in healthcare. How does the implementation of new technologies affect your nursing practice? After researching new technology utilized in the medical field, choose one specific technology(20 points). Review the information you can find about the device from reliable sources on the web and from peer-reviewed literature. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages you have found with this technology. Does it improve patient safety or impede it? Give specific examples of how this can improve or impede patient safety and use the literature to support this finding (20 points). Use APA format and appropriate citation of 2 references published within the last 5 years and not included in the course. Include headings for each section of your paper. Also include a title page and reference page. (10 points). Make sure this is new technology. You would not want to chose something such as electronic health records or bar code medication administration. This could even be medical technology patients use outside of the hospital setting.




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