Ohio University Medicare Case Study

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Sarah is 64 years old and has been divorced for 10 years. Sarah started a family soon after graduating high school and served as a homemaker for the past 45 years. Until 5 years ago, Sarah had never worked outside the home. For the past 5 years she has worked for a small local bakery as a cashier. Sarah plans to retire in 4 months when she turns 65. Sarah spoke with a local Medicare broker to learn more about her options. The broker told Sarah that she will not be eligible for Social Security or Medicare since she has not worked for a full 10 years.

The following are some sites help with it: https://www.kff.org/medicaid/issue-brief/the-cover… and http://files.kff.org/attachment/Fact-Sheet-Key-Fac…

Answer the following questions. Be sure to number your responses to correspond with the question. Responses should be in paragraph form, single-spaced, and as detailed as possible.

  1. What options does Sarah have? Briefly explain each option.
  2. Describe two pros of each option.
  3. Describe two cons of each option.
  4. If you were the broker, what advice would you give Sarah regarding her situation?




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