Park University Unit 4 Interview with a Psychologist Paper

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Unit 4: Interview

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Interview with a “Psychologist” or “Sociologist”

The purpose of this assignment is to contact and interview an individual whose educational background was in psychology or sociology to obtain more information about the career process. This individual at a minimum should have a bachelors in psychology or sociology. It isn’t necessary to select a Ph.D. or PsyD. to interview. I encourage you to select a person who may be working in a position that you would like to be in. The interview should take placement ‘synchronously’, i.e., a face-to-face interview or phone interview, and gather information for at least the following areas:

  1. Personal Demographics
    1. Name
    2. Educational background
    3. Years of employment
  2. Current Position
    1. Description of responsibilities
    2. How the current position was obtained?
  3. Career Path
    1. Description of employment (did he or she change areas, etc?)
    2. What will be the next position or area? Why?
  4. Career Advice
    1. What educational advice can you share (What to do and what not to do?)?
    2. What career advice can you share (What to do and what not to do?)?

Please present your interview as a narrative – complete sentences and paragraphs. This allows you to practice professional communication practices. Interview reports with incomplete sentences or structured in bullet points or phrases will receive a score of zero

Interview Feedback

Use the following discussion area to post your Interview outcomes. I encourage you to interact with other students although a peer response is not scored for this activity.




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