PHC 151 Saudi Electronic University Poor Housing Conditions Paper

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Guidelines for Assignment Submission:


Start Date: 31/ 1 / 2021


End Date: 11/ 2 / 2022


  • The Student must write 250 – 300 word
  • The Assignment file should be in “MS Word” document
  • The font size should be “12”
  • The font type should be “Times New Roman”
  • The “Heading” and “Sub Heading” should be Bold
  • The text color should be “Black”
  • The text line spacing should be “1.5”
  • The running text should be “Justified” and “Proper Alignment”
  • The answers and text should not be repeat and copy from other students. It should be follow the “Plagiarism Rules”
  • The Text concerned proper ”References”




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