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Suppose you have been hired by your city’s police department. The police department asks you to develop a program that matches arrest records with court records. In addition, the program must show the ultimate outcome or the verdict for each case. You have been given access to all police databases records so you can start testing the new system that you are developing.

A friend of yours works for an important multinational company, in the human resources department. Your friend must perform background checks of potential employees. (Job seekers sign a form authorizing this review). The police records are open to the public and your friend might look for them at the courthouse, but it would take many hours per week to complete this task. As a convenience, should you provide your friend with the results of any arrest records of job applicants?

Suppose that some data is incorrect, and an applicant is not hired. Would you feel responsible?

  • Provide examples of programs that would involve processing files.
  • Classify these programs as employing either batch or interactive processing.




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