RES 5153 ACE Students with Disabilities Challenges Presentation

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In this assignment, you will create an audio, or visual, or audio-visual presentation to share youraction research paper with a select audience of your peers. You will complete your collaborativework in a small group discussion, a peer review course room/discussion board, in Canvas.

.Directions for Presentation:• Create an audio, or visual, or audio-visual presentation in a format ofyour choice to share your action research project with a peer audience (atext on a blog or web page would not fulfill this audio-visual requirement).See the Learning Objects page for tools and resources compatible with Canvas.• You are encouraged to be creative and challenge yourself to go beyond a simplePowerPoint presentation. If you do choose PowerPoint, think about annotating itor adding an audio component.• Use APA format for the in-text citations and references slide.? Use the headings from the Formative Action Research Paper Outline to organizeyour presentation.? Include a title section. Use APA format.RESEARCH METHODS© 2020 AMERICAN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 2? For the conclusion of your presentation, include a reflection section about the actionresearch process from your experience in this course and the importance of suchconcepts as validity and reliability to the process.? Include a references section. Use APA format for in-text citations and referencessection.




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