Saddleback College Interpreting the Salem Witch Hunt and Several Theories Discussion

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In a discussion board post of 300 words or more, explain what you learned from the video linked on this page (not the video lecture on the previous page). In addition, the video presents multiple theories about what happened at Salem. Which one do you find the most convincing? Why? Please note that while the video does present a theory about contaminated rye, the video also explains why that theory has been refuted by science. As such, do not pick that particular theory.

Please note that the final question about which theory you find the most convincing and why is the critical part of the assignment. It goes beyond summarizing the video and involves evaluating the arguments for yourself. Be sure to bring in details from the video and the other course materials. Sometimes students will just summarize multiple theories and not make an argument about which one is the most convincing but that will result in a loss of points. The idea is not just to write about the argument but to explain why it is the most convincing. You may, however, make the argument that a couple of arguments sound plausible to you but then explain why you think those two arguments are the best explanation.




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