SCSU Virtual Classes Cannot Replace Traditional Classrooms in Education Essay

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troduction paragraph

  • How will you “hook” people into reading your essay? What got you interested in this topic in the first place?
  • You can be either formulaic or creative with your main point (thesis statement)

Your table should create this main point (your thesis):

Subject can be labelled an X because of criteria a,b,c

Body of essay: Talk your way through your table. Go beyond the table.

Use more than 3 criteria. This is not a 5-paragraph essay.

As you discuss your subject, talk about the language of your criteria, and the label, along the way, so we see you are supporting your point.

?Consider opposing or differing opinions, arguments

Conclusion – leave us with a takeaway that reminds us of the main point

If you get stuck, I am happy to look at drafts.

Here is how the essay will be graded.

Essay 1) Evaluation argument:

Meets first-year college standards?


High meets


Low meets

Does not meet

Intro paragraph leads readers in: what makes you work on this topic? (Why this is a worthwhile topic- why do you care?)

Clear thesis point? Say what label you will give to your essay’s subject.

Does the intro include reasons? – how or why does that label fit the subject? Give at least three criteria that anyone can use to TEST how we could use this label to describe any subject, not just this subject).

Does the paper really explain how the evaluating label fits the subject? Does each paragraph describe the subject (gives us some evidence) to show how the subject fits a criterion, one at a time?

Does each paragraph use specific words from a criterion mentioned in the introduction?

Grammar: They’re/their/there used correctly

Grammar: Possessives

Was a table and draft done?






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