Seminole State College The Crucible Act IV Implementation Questions

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The Crucible Act IV Summary and Analysis

1) Do you agree with Proctor’s final decision? Why or why not?

2) I Don’t Give a Heck ‘Bout My Reputation:

a) Why did Proctor sign the confession? Why did he tear it up afterwards? Explain in at least four to six sentences.

b) Using at least one quote, what does Proctor mean when he talks about his “name”? (four to six sentences)

c) Why was Hale telling the condemned to sign the confession? Why did he feel so guilty about it? How do you think it affected his reputation and his peace of mind? (four to six sentences)

3) What is your favorite quote from this act? In two to three sentences, explain why:

4) Reader’s Choice: Do something creative to demonstrate understanding of Act IV.

-Make a meme about Act III (if I can reverse-image-search your meme and find it on the internet, you didn’t make it.)




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