SNHU Compensation Policy for Employees Essay

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5-3 Final Project: Milestone Four

Overview: This milestone focuses on the topic of this week’s lessons: compensating employees. Using the material on compensation provided in this week’s lesson and the case study, write a short paper in which you:

  • ? Describe the compensation philosophy of Maersk and how the market influences this philosophy.
  • ? Determine the value of salary surveys to an organization.
  • ? Describe the advantages of discretionary benefits to Maersk.

Article: The Most Desirable Employee Benefits

This HBR article discusses research conducted on ‘desirable employee benefits. Pay particular attention to the charts included within the article, which show data on which benefits are most valued by job seekers, as well as which benefits are most preferred by men and women. This resource supports the module discussion.

Article: 13 incredible perks of working at Google, according to employees
Review this article to learn about the benefits that Google employees value most. This resource supports the module discussion.




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