South Florida Module 2 Anthropology & Modern Humans Skin Color Essay

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Module 2 project: This module covers chapters four, five, and six in SCupin and DeCorse (2021). Humans vary biologically. Although we have less biological variation in our species than many other species, this biological variation can appear to be quite striking. For this project, choose one of the features of modern humans that are discussed in chapter six of your text. For example, you could select skin color, body build, sickle-cell anemia, or lactase deficiency. In a well-written brief essay (200-300 words), describe the feature and account for why there is variation in human populations with regard to it. Make sure you cite your textbook!

References Cited:

Scupin, Raymond and Christopher R. DeCorse. 2021. Anthropology: A Global Perspective. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, Inc.




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