SSCI 354 IIT Reaction Paper on Downtown Its Rise and Fall 1880 1950 Essay

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Choose a city from a country other than the US.Highlighting historical examples based on the themes of the Fogelson reading.

1- Bearing in mind Fogelson’s story is largely about the United States,significantly relevant to Canada but has much smaller things in common withother parts of the world other than the issues widespread in many cities asthey age, describe with regard to a particular aspect of the built environmenthow and why this city may or may not differ from the paradigm described byFogelson.

2- Also highlight at least one political aspect of the country/city and/orgovernment policy decision that has helped to influence and/or change thisaspect of the built environment. For example, changes in the geographicaljurisdiction of a bureaucracy, changes to political party control ofgovernment, whether the head of a bureaucracy is elected or appointed (andtherefore how they stay in their job), legacies of former governments orcolonial administrations, biases in national policy, or simply changes in thelaw all count.

3- For the aspect of the built environment you are studying, whether or not thelessons from the United States, of a concentrated downtown core,destabilized neighboring areas, high economic gain from agglomeration ofdiverse businesses, and heavy dependence on commuting with separationbetween residential and business activity, also apply in this case. For thepolitical angle you are looking at, discuss how it has produced its outcome,whether similar to the USA or different.

Recommended length, two to three double-spaced pages.Please cite references, using in-copy footnotes rather than the standard parentheticalcitations (this will also assist with any outside material you choose to bring into thepaper; there’s no need for a short assignment like this to have a separatebibliography).

It is recommended that you bring in some outside material to support the paper.Note: please do not directly cite Wikipedia, although it can be useful in identifying validsources of information as most Wiki articles are now footnoted.




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